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Jacqui Schwantes Jax Swan

Like the journey from ugly duckling to beautiful swan this singer songwriters music has evolved over the years into something truly expressive in emotions. Speaking from real life experiences the songs have a Ying Yang feel, sad yet positive. Regardless of the genre this SWAN is not to be PIGEON holed. RNB pop rock being her favorite genres to sing to, Jax can also sing & write songs to a hard melodic rock genre. Versatile to say the least this performer loves the stage and captivates audiences with her performances on piano and guitar


No longer an ugly duckling but rather transformed into a beautiful swan

Jax swan is ready to hit the airwaves this year in 2018 with her first solo folk pop rock ep (Album) to help promote mental health and well being through her songs .

This ducklings journey started when she was 6 with her always being involved in choirs and plays, later joining the elite choir in senior school, whilst having professional singing lessons and completing piano grades 1,2,3 with credits. Much later Jax picked the guitar up in 2006 which also helped to support her songwriting abilities. in the l;ast two years she has been learning the bass guitar.

Bio Cont…

In later years Jax swan also attended metropolitan tafe to study music performance in 2008 and then music business in 2009. Jax was asked to perform to over 1500 graduating students in the year 2009 and 2010.

Since leaving school in 2000 Jax has always continually kept writing about life's journeys with over 70 songs to her repertoire , even though her solo music writing is of folk rock pop origins Jax however joined a band in 2014 to 2016 called Ravens Lair A hard Rock Band consisting of 5 members, where she wrote the melodies and lyrics for all the songs and manage them. Performing at such venues as the Zoo, and the new globe theatre in fortitude valley and also at the Qld Design music awards of which Jax also hosted in 2015 and 2016.

Jax Swan connects closely with her fans through social media and is someone who gives a lot of her time and attention to them. With a warm caring soul this Swan glides effortlessly on stage with a presence that is engaging

2017 is yet another stage of transformation for this Black swan, one that she hopes will include more involvement with charities festivals and fundraising to help keep mental health in close awareness.

Let the music speak volumes




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